Janmastmi – Shrinathji Janmastmi Celebration

Janmastmi is celebrated across the nation with pump and pageantry.  56 Bhog – Making 56 different dishes for Shrinathji is offered and the devotees fast for whole day. Preparation of 56 bhog is done from previous day where as the decoration starts the same day from the morning.

Lots of people come over for bhajans that starts at 10:30 at night that lasts till 12:00 when Shirnathji was born

Before the birth time we start Shrinathji Dhun “nand ghare aanad bhayo jay kanaiya lalki, Hathi Ghoda Palki jay kanaiya lalki”

second Dhun we sing is “Mandir ma kon che, Radha Ranchod che”

“Makhan Chor, Jay Ranchor”

All this dhun is sung with tapping at dhol and loud music to welcome Shrijee at our home. In between all the “Samgri” is offered to the good. Samagri or Food Offering like Fruits, Sweets – Kopra Pak, Mohan Thad, Bundi, Mathdi, Magas Ladoo, Ghughra, Ghari, Mesoob, Sing Pak, Panda, Kaju Katri, Khajoor Barfi, Ghevar,

Enchanting of this Dhun lasts till Shrijee Janm. after that we do aarti and take Prasad.

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